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Undead Guardians
Undead Guardians
PERSONAL GUARDS of EURYNOMUS. Eurynomos an underworld Daemon who stripped the flesh from the corpses of the dead.   His "Ellite Guard" administer swift justice to the unworthy... The champions of Eurynomus are known for there ability to lead the undead hords masters of the bow, or stand as mighty titans in the infantry lines. (50/52mm)
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28mm Sci-Fi

A range of Sci-Fi figures, Technology Perverted Cyborgs, Robots, StarGuards,Merc's,Rebal forces...

Technology Perverted Cyborgs... A blend of futuristic technology and what remains of their human form. It's unclear if any of  the man is left inside the form, some remain more man than robot and others more robot than man...   They look for nothing more than to convert you into a minion, and to serve the needs of the hive mind...    
Sold in Packs of 3.   Note: all weights are approximate.  
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Mercenary troups for Sci-Fi scenarios, lone jack the lad gun for hire types.... suitable for role play or a sci-fi skirmish games or Near future urban warrior...
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